What local people wrote about    Alpha on various Ottawa courses

I found Alpha to be a great program and would recommend to Christians whether they are new on their journey or well on their way. There is always so much to learn and new insights. Alpha has been a blessing and a great way for a person to know, and grow in his relationship with, Jesus Christ.

The course was another step in my Chrstian journey through this life and gave strength and direction to my belief in God, Son and holy Spirit. I could listen to Nicky for hours and found myself almost disappointed each night when he said "Let us pray." I regret I didn't take more notes re his point by point presentation.

When I took the course I didn't know what to expect and deep inside I was a little concerned that the teaching would be contradictory to my belief, but it was not. The video presentation is really good and Mr. Gumbel is fascinating to watch; not to mention he is funny.

My relationship with God is growing and I've developed an indescribable trust in Him.

BEFORE: I believed in God but I wasn't a true believer in Christianity. AFTER: I found out that Jesus loves me and that there's room for me in his kingdom.

The course made me realize that God and the Bible are so important.

I believe now!!!

I now feel the Holy Spirit every day. I know I am loved and my sins of my past have been forgiven. I find myself spreading the good news and I love it. I don't fear any more the possible ridiculing by non-believers.

I thoroughly enjoyed my Alpha course. I met many new friends that helped me on my journey. I never really felt I had given my life to Christ even though I attended church for many years. Now I am overjoyed that I am Christian. I pray regularly and thank God for his many blessings. All the Alpha leaders have been Godsends. All have guided and supported me. You are all an inspiration. Thank You! Nicky Gumbel's videos were wonderful. Many weeks his message felt like it was specifically for me.

Alpha has been an amazing experience for me. I would happily share my experience - before a class starts - to encourage people to come to Alpha. I was a churchgoer but wasn't quite "there yet".

Before I started the course: zero religious background; negative view of the church; however, open to learning. I had no idea what church services were about, and knew something was missing. After the course: Born again, complete conversion! The change occurred on week 3: "How can I be sure of my faith?" A glorious physical, emotional and spiritual transformation. Most moving experience of my life! Paved the path for me to receive Christ as my saviour and to begin the most wonderful relationship with God. Red group rocks!

Before I started the course: non-Christian who was not a member of any church. After the course: I am giving my life to Christ by spreading His word. My life changed to God and church.

Before I started the course: not a Christian and knew almost nothing about Christianity. I have discovered a relationship with God and it's so wonderful and fulfilling. I want to thank you for offering a non-threatening environment in which the elements of Christianity can be offerred in an open and easy way. It was a good time for me.

Before I started the course: strong Christian. After the course: More inspired; better appreciation of the Holy Spirit...saw/experienced two colleagues coming the Christ.

Before I started the course: devoted to Jesus. After the course: More devoted...enjoyed everything; singing, video, discussion, meal.

I was saddened at the final day of the course until I realized that the things I would miss the most, the people and the teaching, would not be lost.... This is not the end of something, but truly the beginning of amazing Christianity. I now speak in tongues and am filled with the Holy Spirit.

I really enjoyed hearing from all the pastors. I have joined CBC, but it was interested to hear from them all.

The Alpha course has awakened in me a need to minister to others through the Alpha program.

I've met some wonderful Christians that I'd like to continue to grow with.

I have opened my life to others.

I am so happy that my wonderful friends invited me to attend Alpha. It has been exactly what I was looking for and wanting - somewhere I could learn about Christianity in a non-threatening, welcoming atmosphere; I had no hesitation asking questions and was always pleased with the discussions.

The grace and warmth of the Alpha team provides a safe environment to explore one's faith. A godsend for me. I had physical and spiritual burnout when I came in September. Now I feel hopeful.

After the Alpha Course, I would describe myself as a true believer, developing a wonderful relationship with God.

I am much more committed emotionally.

I enjoyed the warmth and friendship, and obvious joy of being a Christian. I am renewed and more aware.

I learned about prayer and trusting God. It was a chance to discuss with people. I mostly enjoyed the music, the discussion, and the inspiration of other people.

The course increased my faith in God, and it gave me a stronger desire for fellowship.

I met some wonderful people and long term friends.

I would like to take this opportunity to say "Thank you." I enjoyed this past weekend so much I cannot begin to put it into words (and I think I can speak for K** as well). What I can say is this, I truly believe that, this calling, what you are doing is truly a gift from GOD. Please keep up the great work. God Bless.

I am enjoying my life more because of my experience with God.

As soon ans I started the course I felt less alone and an increase in self-esteeem and self-love; acceptance in others and myself. The talks were great, 100%. The small groups were great, 100%.

Very well run course, well organized. We knew what to expect when it was necessary. Great pacing. Weekend beautifully run.

Intimate fellowship in faith with friends and husband.

I enjoyed everything - especially Spirit weekend, and healing.

I am now wiser; closer to God. I learned much; met wonderful Christian people; was put on track.

I wanted to learn more anout the Christian faith, especially from a historical perspective.

Not convinced by course presentations, but sensing there is something to find.
Thank you, a step outside my daily routine. Good timing for my personal stage of thought.

Enjoyed it all, but the fellowship and dinners were fabulous

Enjoyed the discussions, and felt good that I did not feel like a traitor to question. I am grateful to all who put so much time and effort into the course.

I am returning to church.

I now have a deeper, more personal faith, and learned the joy of prayer.

Testimony from an attender on the Kanata Community Alpha
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