What Local Inmates Say About    Alpha

This Alpha course is true. Amazing and wonderful course.
- B, 27 Aug 2015

How did you hear about the Alpha course? - from a former inmate. My faith is much stronger now as I learn God's love for me through Jesus Christ. Continue to do an awesome job T & L-A. God is in you and now I know he is in me as well.
- Eric, 27 Aug 2015

In what ways could the course be improved? - I think this course is perfect the way it is. I found the faith that I have lost.
- Claude, 27 Aug 2015

We thank those of you who have volunteered to come in each week to talk to us and let us know in here that we are loved and do not need to be alone. You have let us know that there is a God, and He gave up His Son's life for our sins. We do not need to continue down this path we are travelling on. We are saved through God's Son's death. It's nice to have you wonderful people in, helping us, and hope you continue the wonderful work you volunteers are doing.
God bless you all and may he guide you all on to the truth, the light, and fill your hearts with His love.
I love you all very much.
- Karl, 7 Mar 2004

I never thought about Christianity before; you know I am Muslim. I believe now I have something to change my life. The change happened at Alpha course. I enjoy meeting new people and talking about God.
- RW, 7 Mar 2004

I do not know how the whole course is; I've joined you at a late stage. I'm going to be looking into taking the course as soon as I get out of prison. I really enjoyed what I received in prison. I would really like to thank all the volunteers that took the time out of their schedules to be with us. It is something special to an inmate to see that there are people out there who care.
Thank you all
- Marcel, 7 Mar 2004

What did you enjoy most about Alpha? Music - singing
In ways ways could the course be improved? More praising and singing
- Steve, 7 Mar 2004

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