Alpha Course returns to Mlacak Centre

St. Paul’s Hazeldean brought Alpha to Kanata 9 years ago. In January 2002, following inspiration from the 2001 Ottawa Alpha Conference, Alpha leaders from St. Paul’s, Trinity Presbyterian and Glen Cairn United joined forces to run the Kanata Community Alpha, and a non-church venue was deliberately chosen – the Mlacak Centre – so as to encourage attendance from folk who might not be comfortable coming to a church. Since then seven courses have been held and an eighth will start with an introductory dinner on March 3, 2005 ( A number of Alpha courses have been started by folk who were introduced to Alpha on the Kanata Community Alpha, including Holy Redeemer and Bethel Pentecostal.

Here are some comments on the course by participants:

“I am so happy that my wonderful friends invited me to attend Alpha. It has been exactly what I was looking for and wanting - somewhere I could learn about Christianity in a non-threatening, welcoming atmosphere; I had no hesitation asking questions and was always pleased with the discussions.”

“The grace and warmth of the Alpha team provides a safe environment to explore one's faith. A godsend for me. I had physical and spiritual burnout when I came in September. Now I feel hopeful.”

Do come out and invite friends on Thursday March 3, Hall D in the Mlacak Centre, 2500 Campeau Dr. from 6:20 pm – 9:00 It’s a free turkey dinner and an excellent movie, and for some, the start of a new life. Why would you not come!

RRSP to Lynn Williams, 592-5310.

Kanata Community Alpha