Alpha's National Initiative this year is all about admitting we can't do it ourselves. The 2005 Initiative is a 40 day time of prayer walks, prayer vigils, individual prayer commitments, etc. We encourage all Ottawa area Alpha groups and churches to select and implement appropriate events. A 4-minute DVD is listed in the Resource library, available from Tony Copple and ideal for showing in your church or to your course. Watch this page for notices of events (please inform us). The events in the Ottawa area will peak with a special prayer event on Saturday September 10 at the Bethesda Renewal Centre, Ashton.

Events in the Ottawa region
These events are open to all comers

  • Saturday Aug 20, 9 am - 10:30 am
    Woodvale Pentecostal church, 205 Greenbank Rd.
    Prayer walk / Coffee / muffin. Meet in the cafe in the church foyer
    Rain of shine

  • Sunday Aug 21, 7 pm
    Prayer & praise, Manotick United
    Organized by the Alpha coordinators of the Anglican, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, and United churches of Manotick

  • Saturday Sep 10, 2:30 - 7:30, or as long as you can stay
    A Half Day with God at Bethesda
    See below for details. See the pictures.

  • Thursday Sep 15, 7 pm - 8
    Woodvale Pentecostal church, 205 Greenbank Rd.
    Alpha Nationwide Prayer Party in the church sanctuary - followed by refreshments
    This event is timed to coincide with many other similar events across Canada as the culmination of the
    2005 Alpha National Initiative. Let's all be there and pray with thousands!

    A Half Day with God at Bethesda Saturday Sept 10
    Some of you reading this have visited Bethesda Renewal Centre, Lowe Rd, Ashton. Ray and Lorna Brule have recreated Paul's second missionary journey by establishing an orienteering experience at Bethesda which is truly special, and very condusive to prayer as groups of modern day pilgrims follow the route, stopping for prayer at the various cities that Paul evangelized.

    Saturday Sept 10 will begin for those who want the full blessing with a liquids fast: no food at any time that day. Arrive at Bethesda by 2:30 pm. Here's the way. Then join the rest of the Alpha "pilgrims" as we walk and pray, walk and pray for a couple of hours on the "journey." Then we will gather near the house for worship and more prayer. After some liquid refreshment, in the early part of the evening, those who can stay will experience some "soaking prayer" under Ray and Lorna's expert guidance.

    If it's raining, a modified shorter event including soaking prayer will take place under cover.
    If you would like to join us, please call Lynn at our hotline 592-5310, so we have an idea of numbers.
    See the pictures.

    Ideas that individuals and groups may like to consder:

  • Ideas from Alpha Canada

  • Prayer walk your local neigboughoods, Alpha venue, schools etc. For groups of 5 or more with individuals leading prayer at strategic points and/or while walking, prayer walks are a powerful experience. Try it!

  • Arrange vigils with lots of prayer and some praise, in churches across the city. For many these may be their first introduction to group prayer. Can be organized by any Alpha leader at no cost and to powerful effect. For advice talk to Andrew Jennings (233-9712) who organized a one week 24/7 event from April 10-17 at Dominion-Chalmers.

  • 1-1-1 lists: individuals undertake to pray daily for 1 person for 1 minute at 1 o'clock.

  • Schedule special events by existing prayer groups, directed towards bringing in seekers to the September Alpha courses.

    Here's a ~$1 idea for publicizing Alpha during the Initiative. Print these licence holder signs, take to Business Depot and get the sheet laminated (about $1), then stick on to your present car licence holder with epoxy resin. Enough for two cars. Let's flood the city with Alfie!

    Getting advice locally
    While we are not planning to coordinate local churches in their activities, other than encouraging you to take initiative, there are several experienced prayer warriors who have agreed to be available to discuss your plans and give advice based on their experience.
    These are

      Lorna Brule 257-4587 (h) 831-1024 (w)
      Andrew & Lori-Ann Jennings 233-9712 (h) 235 5143 (w)
      Laurie-Ann Copple 591-3903 (h) 225-4999 (w) (away July 3 - 23)

    God bless you all!

    Other local prayer activities:

  • Prayer as done in Twin Cities, USA
  • Love Ottawa May 21-June 12  Love Ottawa - Kanata, 4 June 2005
  • National House of Prayer
  • Citywide Worship and Prayer
  • Soaking prayer at Bethesda Renewal Ministries, Ashton
  • Christian meditation - Canada

    Alpha Ottawa